In today's busy world, finding time to honour the simple beauty that surrounds us proves challenging to so many.  One's senses lose clarity in a sea of excess colour, noise and input.

Living most of my life in relative isolation on the island of Menorca has allowed me the unique opportunity to work in a quiet, peaceful and meditative space with very few distractions. I focus on creating work that both captures my eye and enters my soul, so that a palpable inspiration has no choice but to emerge and be shared with others. For me, the work is about harnessing that fleeting moment which causes one to linger. The themes I choose are derived from an external starting point, interpreted through imagination and notes in my studio, and result in a painted surface. The finished work is intended to draw the observer into a meditative, magical space where light and colour merge into visceral sensations and the viewer is encouraged to finish the story however they choose.

For the first time in many years, I am living in an urban environment, drawing new inspiration from the exciting challenges this intense world presents.