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 Speaking Layers



No other works from the Impressionist era have so consistently inspired other painters as Claude Monet's Water Lily Variations. They still cause fascination today, not only due to the countless impressions of colour in the actual painting but, above all, because of the art works that came later, inspired by their symbiosis with nature and the subjective reaction they provoke. The English painter Lindsay Mullen has developed her work in a similar way: in recent years she has limited the scope of her preferred medium, the landscape, to her own surroundings, a subtropical garden at the home she has chosen for herself on the Balearic Island of Menorca. A sensation of harmony and the heady vibrancy of opulent. Exhuberant nature are expressed, simultaneously, in these canvases. The paintings are compiled of abstract areas with colours running into each other: energetic and expressive brushwork lends a feeling of space to the atmosphere of light as if, when one looks closely, they were made up of petals like rosebuds. Lindsay Mullen's constant and signature technique springs from the idea of landscape as a means of experimentation in painting. Her style is subtle and sure, responding to the demands of a painter who only submits to colour and gesture in a figurative way that is positively stimulating.

Dra. Barbara Rollmann-Borretty
Borretty Contemporary Art, Munich, Germany



Lindsay Mullen´s paintings are a direct response to nature and the light and atmosphere of her adopted country. Whether it is the shadowy leafy depths of a garden or the fleeting effect of light falling on a rose her expressive brushwork produces an abstract harmony with nature that compares with Monet's later pictures.Through her eyes muted green , blues and ochres give us an almost spiritual insight into light and shade . Whether on a large or small scale, whether inspired by a leaf or the open sea, vision and grace combine to invest each image with a unique meaning. Although mostly conceived in her studio the paintings have the école de plein-aire feeling of the impressionists and instill a feeling of well being and oneness with nature.

Philip Collins
Curator Coopers & Lybrand
Collection of Modern British paintings London
Trustee, Whitchapel Gallery, London, United Kingdom